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The legal mentoring programme.

As a result of the current economic crisis, rates of unemployment have been increasing; particularly affecting young population who need to enhance their employability through acquiring work experience and communication skills.
For this project, Voluntary Legal Organisation has been supporting a range of volunteers who want to pursue a legal career. Our organisation is providing capacity building and case-working experience skills, through a specialist lawyers in the different law areas.
In addition, volunteers will attend one to one sessions with members of the community who can accesses to free legal advice

Know your legal rights.

Know your legal rights project, emerged from the need of the community to understand Contracts Law, particularly addressing contracts with utility service providers; we organised a series of workshops where we explained the process of making claims when conflicts arise with utility service providers. We have also covered topics in consumer law rights.
Furthermore we also described the causes and consequences of eviction, and the rights and obligations of tenants.

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