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Legal organisation offer extensive support on will writing and asset distribution. We help clients understand the costs of the will, any disputes, and revocation of the will and appointment of the executor. There are many mistakes occur, if the wills are not made properly. The most common errors made by the layman include:-
  • Being unaware of the precise requirements necessary to execute and sign the document
  • Failing to distribute all of the assets which may allow the Crown to make a claim
  • Failure to give instructions on how to re-distribute assets in the event of a beneficiary dying
  • Altering a will improperly after initial execution
  • Not taking account of changing relationships including marriages, divorces, births and The Civil
    Partnership Act.
  • Failure to consider that dependents may have a prior claim on the estate

This is important that, you have a professional advisor deal with your will. Please contact us for our legal help. Our service is offered to make your will safer and proper.
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